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Seven Positive Emotions

The emotions of Desire, Faith, Love, Sex, Enthusiasm, Romance and Hope. They are the seven positive emotions that we should have our minds locked into and live with as we go through our days and keep those negative ones right out of our minds.


Wallace Wattles said, “Desire is the effort of the unexpressed possibility within, seeking expression without, through your action." Desire is when you get an idea in your mind and you internalise it, you turn it over to the subconscious mind and get emotionally involved in it. When you get emotionally involved with the image of the good that you desire, you start building desires. It starts out as a want and turns into desire. Want is on a conscious level, desire is on the subconscious, but it is what is in the subconscious that controls the vibration of the body. Desire is a word that actually comes from the Latin, de – sire, to give birth to the children. The Law of Gender decrees that you have got to have both the male and the female factor in your personality. The conscious mind is the male factor, the subconscious is the female in your personality. The male factor impregnates the female factor with the seed of thought and we give birth to the idea. You should be pregnant with a big idea all the time! Desire is a positive emotion that will give you everything you want. It is the emotional involvement with the good that you want. Desire a beautiful positive emotion. Approach each day with desire.


Faith based on understanding will move mountains. Faith is a powerful emotion. Faith is the ability to see the invisible, see something on the screen of your conscious mind that no one else can see. It is the ability to see the invisible, to believe the incredible. What is incredible is that your subconscious mind operates in a totally deductive state, it will take anything that you give to it and instantly and automatically begin to move into form with and through you. Faith is the ability to see the invisible, to believe in the incredible and that will permit you to receive what the world calls impossible. You build the idea in your conscious mind, you turn it over to the subconscious. That instantly alters the vibration that your entire body and mind are in, and that then, in turn, sets up an attractive force and attracts to you the things that you need for the manifestation of your idea. Faith is powerful.


Love will do more for you than anything that you can think of. We want to love what we do. We want to love the people we are doing it with. But we have to start out by loving ourselves. Love is resonance. It is when you intellectually, emotionally and physically are connected to a person, an idea, a thing. Love is a very positive emotion. When two people are in love, their ideas have a rapport, their emotions have a rapport – and the idea and the emotion are expressed in the physical action. It is the composite of all three. When you are in love with an idea, that idea keeps growing in your mind. Napoleon Hill gave us a formula for falling in love with an idea. He said first you give life, guidance and action to the idea, eventually the idea will take on a power of its own and it will sweep aside all opposition. It will coax, nurse and drive you. Love is a phenomenal emotion. Love what you are doing. And if you cannot love what you are doing – get away from it! And if you do not love the people you are associated with – move on! Love is powerful. Remember, you have got to love yourself first. You have got to have love if you are going to give it. It was not put in your heart to stay.


Sex is one of the most powerful emotions that you can get involved with. Sex is the expression of an idea, an emotion on a physical level. It is a powerful concept and if it is not understood, it can be one of the most destructive emotions that there is. It isn’t the sex that is destructive, it is the lack of understanding and ignorance that is destructive. When two people have a great sexual relationship, it is because they are in tune on a physical level. They are in tune on a physical level because they are in tune on an intellectual level. Their ideas have a rapport, their emotions have a rapport and therefore, the ideas and the emotions are expressed through the physical body so they have a great physical relationship. A lot of people don’t have a great sexual relationship. And they should have because it is a beautiful thing when it is understood. It is very destructive when it is not understood. This is not something to shy away from, something to shun. It is something to talk about, it is something to understand and it is something to be enjoyed. Because it is one of the most powerful emotions that you will ever deal with.


Enthusiasm comes from the Greek, en- theos, in God. That is where you are emotionally involved in an idea and you move into the spirit of it. Your energy keeps going up and up and up and the vibration just keeps rising. The more you raise the level of vibration, you are getting up into the thin air, you are getting to where the big ideas are, you are getting up where the creative ideas are. You have got to become truly enthusiastic about what you are doing, and as you do, you are putting your whole being into a phenomenal vibration. Let the quiet voice within tell you where to go, and then fall in love with that idea. Enthusiasm is, without question, being in tune with that which is a higher side of you. Get rid of the excitement and you will get rid of the depression. Get into the enthusiasm and you are going to live a pretty balanced life. You are going to keep moving all the time.


Romance is a behaviour, an attitude and it is getting in harmony with the Law of Rhythm. It is being in a beautiful flow with an idea. You can romance an idea, you can romance a situation, you can romance another person. It is sending absolutely beautiful energy out in a lawful manner, getting in tune with the Law of Rhythm – just a beautiful flow of a positive nature. It is all positive, no negative. It is not taking anything, it is giving everything. It is just putting beautiful ideas out. You can romance another person in your thoughts. Just send absolutely beautiful thoughts, they are going to be attracted to you because there is something in them that wants what you have got. It is in resonance with that. It is an absolutely beautiful concept. It is directing very positive energy, in harmony with the Law of Rhythm, toward an idea or toward another person or toward a situation.


Hope is a phenomenal emotion. Hope gives you options. When you have hope, you see all kinds of options. You see doors instead of walls. You stop trying to make a door out of a wall. You see openings everywhere you go. There are opportunities flying at you. Hope gives you understanding of the creative faculties that we have got, of the marvellous power that we are working with, of the fact that we can create and internalise and express everything. We are the highest form of creation on the planet. Hope is a phenomenal emotion. It is a positive one.

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