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You’ve had some real good ideas over the past, weeks, and months. How many of them are you putting off? I’m going to start doing that. I’ll start next week. I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll start next month. Procrastination is one of the worst psychic diseases that man has been cursed with? And it is sort of a curse because it stops you from winning from realising the great joys of life.

How do you overcome procrastination?

You overcome it by making a decision. Decision is the opposite side of procrastination. Like right and left, up and down, hot and cold, procrastinate, decide. If you make up your mind you’re going to become very decisive you will stop procrastinating and when you get an idea do it now, make it happen now. Leland Val Vanderwall said, “Doing at once what needs to be done increases the possibility of success.”

What have you been putting off?

It might just be cleaning up the house today or cleaning the garage or washing the car. It could seem like a little thing but every time you procrastinate it’s not the size of the thing you're procrastinating about it’s that you’re giving energy to a bad habit. And that habits going to grow and it will strangle your success. It will abort all good things that can happen to you. Make up your mind right now that you’re going to become decisive and you’re going to stop procrastinating, you’re going to put it work and you’re going to put it to work today. You’re going to like yourself so much more and you’ll continually come up with Results that Stick.

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