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Are you Paralysed by Perfection?

Is perfection paralysing your potential?

Wanting to be perfect can impact your productivity, health, relationships and success.

Here are 3 signs of chronic perfectionism

  1. You lose sight of the bigger picture

  2. You find it hard to start and finish things

  3. You work more but achieve less

There is a simple technique that has helped many of my students break free from the prison of perfectionism.

I call it Word Swap.

It involves swapping the word Perfection for Practice

The next time you are waiting for everything to be perfect, think of what you are doing as practice for the next time.

So instead of worrying about perfection, your focus shifts to getting better at what you do.

To create the life you desire, you need to master 3 important pillars

  1. Your mindset - this not only includes the story you tell yourself but more profound things such as your values, your vision and your purpose

  2. Your Time - everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, but how do you maximise it to be more productive?

  3. Your Money - Most people allow their perfectionism to affect their finances too. Do not reinvent the wheel. You need to understand how to use the strategies from the wealthiest people in the planet.

Book your free Reset Your Mindset Session and start 2023 with vision and purpose.

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