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Live the Life you were Meant to Live

Unlock the Secrets and

Realise your Magnificence

Meet Andrea

Certified Coach, Educator and Scientist

Dr. Andrea Pearce is a Professional Results Coach. Her life changed after her three children left home. She was working full time as a teacher but felt unfulfilled and could not see her purpose and vision in life. She went on a mission of discover and inner change.

Andrea has degrees in Science, Education and Management. She created the 5 Step Reset Your Mindset Program to change her life and the life of others. Andrea has studied with Dr. John Demartini, Bob Proctor, Ben Harvey and Cham Tang and has learned the techniques they use to help 10s of 1000s of people.

Andrea's mission is to help people find the secrets and magic in life and to live fulfilled and successful lives. Andrea helps women who have lost their sense of fulfilment and the confidence to build a purposeful life. She helps women find their unique values driven vision, remove the resistance and barriers to making lifelong changes and supports them to develop heart-centred habits that lead to a purposeful life doing what they love.

Dr Andrea Pearce

The Journey Towards Health and Wealth Begins on the Path of Self Love.

Begin Your Journey Today.

What I Specialize In

Reset Your Mindset

Find Financial Freedom

Uncover the Secrets of Life

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Education Support


Helen G.

Before doing the coaching workshop I had never experienced a real closed eye process, and to be honest I was a bit sceptical.  However the ImaginAction process allowed me to clearly visualise a future I wanted for myself and the steps to get started towards achieving it. 

I can still bring to mind the image of my hand on that golden door and call up that positivity and empowered mindset which helps propel me to action and closer towards achieving my dreams.

Everyone should get to experience this process at least once in their life!

Kamala V.

I have been to many personal transformation programs, but these techniques blew my mind away. I never thought that it was possible to remove deep set childhood traumas in just minutes, but that is exactly what I experienced with techniques like UFT and Soul Retrieval.  So grateful to have gone through them, and I absolutely recommend them for anyone who are carrying any long term griefs and trauma.

Jennifer T.

I have heard of people miraculously healing from things, however I never imagined that a 10 year old pain I used to have would disappear in just a couple of sessions by the application of 2 techniques used in the 8 week program.

I am completely convinced these tools work.

Kirsten H.

I love that this whole program has such a solid logical foundation for growth, opening up the possibility for fantastic emotional healing and transformation too. Everything is truly tried and tested and has given me ways to break out of my shell with more confidence, conviction and freedom both personally and professionally. Forever grateful

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