The Allergy Epidemic....What's behind it?

Updated: Apr 15

Obesity, diabetes, autoimmune illnesses and degenerative problems like hypertension have increased dramatically due to changes in our lifestyles. Additionally, allergic reactions, which can be life threatening, have also doubled in the last 20 years in industrialized countries. The allergy epidemic is real. Allergy has its biochemical roots in an emerging field of science called Redox Biochemistry. The asthma epidemic statistics are staggering. Peanut allergy incidence in Australia from 1995-2004 more than doubled in children. Increases in adults have been noted, but not as dramatic. It is important to note that these statistics correspond almost exactly with the increased prevalence of diabetes over the same time frame. There is a strange and alarming offshoot of this epidemic. When someone’s immune system is sideways with overreacting to unimportant allergens, there is a reduced capacity to address more pressing issues like infections, and malignancies. It is common for patients plagued with allergies, to frequently fall victim to bronchitis, digestive infections, etc.

The immune system determines our response to a foreign substance. If it is a dangerous threat, one response could be an allergic reaction. If the substance is friendly then no “reaction” is warranted. Our body tolerates many substances and no further reaction is needed. Trouble begins when there is confusion about which substances are friendly and those that are not. In order to define this point of difference, there must be molecular recognition on the surface of the substance. This is where the root scientific issue is located. REDOX molecules represent the key step in the front line of the allergic response. When a cell is threatened by a foreign substance or there is a dangerous bacteria, the first response of the immune system is to “message” a nearby lymph node to send some white blood cells to “take out” the germ or toxin. Normally this works well, but the trouble begins if there is an imbalance or a deficiency of these Redox molecule messengers. The instructions may be misunderstood or perhaps never received by the immune system. Should the response be too aggressive the results can be extreme. Anaphylaxis can result in tissue swelling and airway constriction. In addition, wheezing and even death can occur.

During the past 20 years there has been a profound change in many medical problems around the world in developed countries. This time frame is too short for it to be a shift in our basic biology. At its roots there is one foundational issue when it comes to our allergy problem in the world; a dysfunctional immune system. Drugs and desensitization therapies are symptomatic treatments. Restoring a healthy immune system will not happen through medical approaches. That merely manages a dysfunctional organ system. In the short run, you are safe from serious reactions with prescriptions, but there is no long-term solution. Restoring balance to our immune system revolves around some core issues. This may seem basic but actually executing these steps consistently is straightforward but not easy.

Creating a healthy gut micro biome is a critical step. 80% of our lymph nodes reside around our small intestine. When the lining is inflamed there is a perception of trouble to the immune system. Restoring the integrity of the gut can balance out the immune system.

Drinking at least 2 litres of high quality alkaline water daily hydrates our cells which in turn allows for the lubrication of all the internal machinery.

REDOX molecules are the molecules the immune system first uses to report a problem or invasion into a tissue. When we have a full and balanced quotient of these vital molecules, which our body requires for fighting off attacks from bacteria, we are ready for battle. There is a stabilised liquid source of REDOX molecules commercially available today which, when consumed daily, can provide the balanced resource of REDOX molecules needed.

Get your REDOX now.

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