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Realise a Dream Goal

Realising a dream goal is a rewarding, worthwhile experience. However, for many when they try to manifest a goal it never seems to materialise. It becomes just another good and worthy idea that gets “put on the shelf” and never sees the light of day. Why do so many people NOT take action? Many of us live our lives in a flurry of activities & work overload. We tend to be on autopilot with set routines and far too many responsibilities. It would make sense then that few people set goals, so why would they even contemplate taking the time to develop a strategy? What would happen if they did? What if they took it one step further by visualising? If that was the case, they would then be working with their marvellous mind and would have shifted into high gear!

Visualising is an effective method that enables you to create “pictures in your mind” of an upcoming event or that goal you truly want to achieve. You see once you make a decision to commit to that idea, it will then begin to take on a “mind of its own”. The goal that you desire becomes not just a thought anymore, but an idea that slowly and surely begins to manifest into physical form. This mental process can be displayed in almost every aspect of your life. From building a picture of your daily routine to booking a worldwide trip. To attracting wealth & prosperity or the ideal companion to share your life with.

Here are a five effective steps that will support you.

1. Make a decision & choose what you want.

2. Write down your goals in the present tense.

3. Visualise yourself with the goal & experience the sensation in your mind. This will crystallise the idea which propels you forward to the goals completion.

4. Read your goal with constant repetition to keep you focused on the end result.

5. Make a commitment to pursue the goal and get on with the work.

Try the above technique for yourself. You’ll be surprised how quickly your wishes come true. Lastly, remember to celebrate and savour the experience before you move on to your next big accomplishment!

To reset you mindset and make 2023 the best year yet

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