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An anchor is used by ships in heavy weather to help keep it stable. If life is an ocean, there will be storms, and in the midst of the storm, you need an anchor to keep you stable, focused, and on course. You need purpose

Purpose brings balance. If life has tossed you into the middle of a storm, if you don’t have a purpose to anchor yourself to, you’re going to be floundering.

Purpose creates consistency. If you are having trouble making ends meet, and you feel like you’re barely scraping by, focus on the ideas that relate to your purpose, and you’re back on course.

Purpose creates a cause. Communicating your purpose becomes an opportunity to share your passions, your dreams, your goals with people, and it gives people a chance to champion your cause.

Purpose becomes your plan. When your purpose becomes clarified, so do your actions. Your purpose will tell you what to start, what to stop, and where to focus.

Purpose creates a niche. Refining your purpose helps you focus on what you can be the best at, and then reminds you that you don’t have to be anything else.

Purpose creates authenticity. Your purpose is different than everyone else’s. Focusing on your purpose highlights your uniqueness. Your purpose will be refreshingly original to the world.

Purpose is more than a mission statement. It is a vision, and a-determined belief that the vision can be achieved and become an anchor.

Purpose is found by answering the simple question, why? Why are you doing whatever it is you’re doing? The answers, on the surface, are simple. And while surface answers are good, that’s not all we’re going for here. You need to dig deeper. You need to go all the way to the very core of what you believe to find the anchor that is your purpose.

Purpose needs to be lived. Be disciplined about living your purpose. Deal with the fear. Know you were called to greatness. Finish something. Find some time to renew, focus on your purpose, refine it and then start again.

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