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Negative Baggage

It is important to become aware of any negative mental baggage—any false ideas about “the kind of person” you are, any limitations you believe you have or guilt you are carrying around. You need to identify that baggage, and then you need to let it go. Unburden your mind of the false idea that there is anything standing in the way of you having exactly what you want in life. Take two pieces of paper. On the first, write all of your negative mental baggage. On the second, write the positive counterpart, the opposite of the negative baggage. Then, take the first piece of paper and destroy it. The mind is highly receptive to symbolic acts. This one sends a clear message that you are letting go of the negative to make room for the positive. It’s empowering and exciting.

Incredible Imagination

Many people don’t realize just how powerful and amazing their imagination is, because they’ve spent years stifling it, as a consequence of the programming we have been subjected to. The very best way to begin understanding the power of your imagination is to witness it for yourself. Pay close attention to the images you hold in your head. Simply notice how your imagination behaves and what it focuses on.

Examine Your Images

Look for the ways the images you hold in your head connect to your external life. Write down any connections you make, once you start doing this, you’ll find connections revealing themselves to you constantly. What you will realize is that you have chosen the life you’re living today, the good and the bad of it, through the power of your mind. Your imagination has tailored your current life. You have the power to create any circumstances you desire.

You are Creative

Well, whether you realize it or not, your wonderful mind is creating every aspect of your life, on both a small and large scale, at every moment. Allow yourself to be creative in a way that is positive and productive for the life you really want. Spend time visualizing your goals, journaling your affirmations and letting your mind wander to unexplored territories. Give yourself wholly to this process, and like Michelangelo, you will be amazed by the beautiful possibilities that reveal themselves to you.

Dare to imagine

Set a goal so big, so beyond anything you’ve attempted before, that it excites you and scares you at the same time. Write your goal in present tense and include a deadline. Make it a realistic deadline, but not so far out there that you don’t feel a little pressure.

No Boundaries

Remember, when you’re using your imagination, there are no boundaries ... no limitations. Let your mind wander and let yourself get emotionally involved with how your days could be spent.

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