How To Heal Through Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a vital spiritual and emotional practice, and yet it is one of the hardest things to do. The idea of forgiveness can be conflicting as thoughts and emotions swirl around how or even if you could ever forgive someone who has wronged you or hurt you. Forgiveness is a choice, but it isn’t easy. You wince at the thought of forgiving harms upon you, yet, without forgiveness your pain remains attached. The decision to change direction, change your path from victim to a powerful, loving soul is yours! Powerful guidance that leads to freedom, for all acts of forgiveness, hold this truth. Your innate capacity for forgiveness offers hope that it is possible. It’s incredible what people are able to forgive. The familiar truism, “It takes a strong person to say they are sorry and an even stronger person to forgive,” emphasizes the fact that it takes great courage and strength to forgive. However, by doing so, you release blockages preventing you from living the life you deserve. There is no peace without forgiveness.

Forgiveness Means to Give Completely

The meaning of the word ‘forgive’ is to give completely and doing so brings us into accord with Divine Action, the highest way of being. It is our human condition that wants to contest such an action whereby we feel the right to punish others for their wrong. But we are not asked to judge in this way. We are supposed to forgive and thus end the cycle of negativity by not returning wrong with additional wrong.

When you use your mind, you often hear the Critic’s voice of disapproval based on the Ego’s fear of losing control. When you succumb, usually you remain in the never-ending chapter of a repeating story. Instead of creating a new empowering beginning. Forgiveness is the freedom to untether your soul from the event, to allow healing and peace to reside once again. For you are forgiving and freeing the soul of the other, not their personality, that is Ego based. The path to the Light is not an easy path, but holds the greatest rewards for your evolving Soul.

“The first step in forgiveness is the willingness to forgive. If you can state, despite your resistance, your willingness to see the spiritual innocence, the light in the soul of one who has harmed you, you have begun the journey to a deep and unshakable Peace.” Marianne Williamson

All lessons come forward when you are ready to see the lesson and begin the process that forgiveness affords. Allowing true spiritual growth to occur, as the capacity to forgive is within each. We were born from Pure Love, it is our True Nature, for the gracious act of forgiveness takes place in the Heart. A process that clears your Souls Spiritual path through the act of compassion to free both souls. As we all are intricate pieces of the Divine puzzle, forgiveness for another soul is that piece!

Understand you are not condoning the wrong or acting as if it never happened, you are only Letting it Go…Releasing the Dis-Ease that burdens all forms of your being. This allows the many bodies within to witness and feel the healing benefits that forgiveness brings. Letting go of the anger, resentment, hate, shame, and blame improves your well-being, for most Dis-eases begin with these stagnant, negative energies.

Time for peace within, this powerful wash is what our very planet requires, for all humanity to begin this brave journey! To no longer allow this chapter to write the entire Book of Your Life! When you do, you continue the cycle of giving your power to another! As you release your tortured heart, your soul, you move forward through the portal of forgiveness.

“Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it to someone else, yet You are the one who gets burned” The Buddha

Forgiveness is the natural state of all souls, our thoughts, our emotions that we attach to the situation create the energy blocks within our form. Blocks that impede your soul’s growth, as you lie dormant, locked into a condition that has created the obstacles to your transformation, your freedom. All lessons, when learned, open the soul to divine vision, to recognize the proper avenue to move forward on your path…that tool is Forgiveness. The gift you give your heart, your soul, your well-being, the exclamation point of a Soulful Life!

Once you take this leap, seeing an emotional issue, in a positive light through understanding, is a gift to your heart. And…a gift to humanity! The energy of forgiveness is an act of love of self and humanity! You raise the global energy either one by one, or by many, the flow for all humanity to absorb. Now seeing an emotional issue, in a positive light through understanding, is a gift to your heart, a gift to your soul! And…a gift to humanity! We are All One, your cleansing, your forgiveness, opens the flow for all humanity to absorb!

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