Have you thought about homeschooling?

There’s no doubt about it; home education is a major endeavour that is not for the faint of heart! What are the benefits for your kids? Homeschooling is generally way more time-efficient than other educational options. Learning can be accomplished in much less time in a one-on-one environment than in a traditional classroom and homework situation, it's just simple maths.

1. Homeschooling allows you to focus on your child

Homeschooling allows your student’s education to be adapted to meet their unique, individual needs. You are able to follow your personal educational philosophy and choose the best resources for your child. Does your child love anything with wheels? Great! You can focus your history studies around transportation from different time periods. If you have a child that needs to move more slowly to master concepts, you have the flexibility to do that.

2. Homeschooling encourages individualised learning

Because of the ability to individualise, homeschooled students are often afforded more voice in their education. This can result in better engagement and ownership of their learning - a skill that often extends into adulthood.

3. Homeschooling may increase academic results

Home education frequently results in improved academic performance. Research indicates that home-educated students commonly score significantly higher than those from public schools on standardised achievement tests. This improved performance can provide increased opportunities for higher education and career. A long-term benefit is that adults who were educated at home tend to be more content with life. Levels of happiness, excitement with life, job satisfaction, and satisfaction with financial situation are all higher for homeschool graduates than the general population.

4. Homeschooling supports family bonding

It takes time to build any relationship, and homeschooling provides many more opportunities to spend time together. Not only does this help strengthen the family unit, but it also helps build individual relationships between a child and their parents, siblings, and possibly other family members. There's no doubt at all that this requires a whole lot of learning and growing together - but hey, isn't that why we have children in the first place? To grow and learn to love more deeply, together?

5. Homeschooling provides important one-on-one time

Not only does homeschooling afford parents a significant amount of ownership and control over their student’s education, but it also enables parents to influence their children in other important ways. Being with an adult, both in the home and as part of daily activities, increases a child’s exposure to appropriate adult behaviour, as opposed to that of school-based peers. It allows the parent to model traits such as being patient, kind, and respectful and makes it more likely that these traits will be imitated by the child. While homeschooling, many parents are surprised to find that they learn too, along with their children. Topics that you may have had no interest in as a student become fascinating when you see it in a different light and approach it from the standpoint of a curious explorer with your child. Seeing your enthusiasm about learning will help fuel your child’s spark to be a lifelong learner.

6. Homeschooling supports independent adults

Adults who were homeschooled are more active within their communities and civic affairs. The individualisation, flexibility, and personal ownership in their education that homeschoolers experience frequently results in adults who are independent thinkers. Accustomed to working outside an established system, they can become the innovators who find new and creative solutions to the challenges of the 21st century.

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