Fight Your Inner Demons

Updated: Apr 15

It is best not to engage with your demons directly. In doing battle with your demons, you empower their existence. You make them stronger when you fight back.

The best way to overcome your demons is through intent. To stop being mean, intend to deliver kindness. If you don't want to seem offensive, set your intent on encouragement. If your intent is selflessness, you can't be selfish.

The hard part is accepting that these so-called demons are part of you, deeply ingrained in your personality. It is said that people show their true colours in times of stress and adversity. If the demons can only be contained when things are going well, it simply says the you forgot to set your intent for something better.

The easy part is setting a new intention. You can always choose what you think now, at this very moment, regardless of your past tendencies or current circumstances. Simply decide that you are going to be kind, selfless and supportive. Carry that intent with you into every situation and you will learn how to get better at it every day.

Personal demons are contentious and needy, insisting that you allow them to occupy your thoughts. If you fight them, you are giving them exactly what they want. If you want to destroy them, ignore them. Put them in timeout until they can control themselves.

In the meantime, set your intent on the positive and never look back.

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