Cardiovascular Health

Updated: Apr 15

The entire vascular network of the body is regulated and repaired by REDOX chemical reactions that not only maintain balance, but that are vital to survival itself. Here are some specific things that REDOX chemistry initiates:

-NUTRIENTS AND OXYGEN–The cells that line all vessels (endothelial cells) are responsible for nutrient intake, oxygen transport, immune cell assimilation, and toxin defense. They rely on REDOX signaling mole­cules and REDOX reactions to do this.

-BLOOD VESSEL REPAIR–REDOX signaling molecules spark the processes that repair vessels. This is the same intercellular “chatter” that helps us heal quickly and with minimal scarring when we hurt ourselves; it’s also at the root of cellular replication when there’s damage to a vessel.

-SYSTEM REGULATION–At the root of autonomic process of the cardiovascular system we find REDOX reactions; auto-regulation of blood pressure, heart rate, and vascular tone. RE­DOX signaling molecules send input to cellular receptors that control each of these.

To truly be ahead of the game, it has to start at the cellular level with the critical REDOX messaging that goes on there. The more we understand REDOX signaling molecules, the more we’ll understand the basis of cardiovascular health.

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