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Benefits Of Spray Supplements

Many people turn to nutritional supplements to fill in nutritional gaps in their diet or to address specific health needs. But this can mean swallowing handfuls of pills with little guarantee that your body actually absorbs and utilises the vitamins, minerals, and herbs in them. Spray supplements are a convenient, and possibly more effective, way to take your daily vitamins.

Better Absorption

Bioavailability refers to the percentage of a substance that absorbs into the bloodstream. A huge benefit to sprayable supplements is that they actually tend to be more bioavailable than oral tablets and capsules. This is because a swallowed pill first passes through the harsh environment of the stomach and must be metabolized through the liver or kidneys. Stomach acid can destroy a portion of the nutrients in supplements, and any toxic build up in the liver also impedes absorption.

When you use a sublingual spray, it gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the vascular tissue in your mouth. The result is your body absorbs the substance faster and more efficiently.

Easier to Take

Sprayable supplements make taking your supplements a more pleasant experience, say goodbye to capsules lodged in your throat and vitamin burps. With young children, the elderly, and others who struggle to swallow pills, a spray option may be the only way to administer certain supplements effectively.

Cleaner Ingredients

Capsules and tablets usually contain fillers, binding agents, and artificial colouring, as well as gelatin and the other ingredients that make up the capsule itself. Most spray supplements contain fewer and cleaner ingredients that include the vitamin, water, and natural flavouring.

Easier on the Stomach

Many people also avoid taking supplements because they tend to upset their stomach. Sublingual sprays bypass the stomach for better absorption without the worry of stomach discomfort.

Want to check out some of my favourite spray supplements?

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