Benefits of Being Stubborn

Updated: Apr 15

I was reflecting on some of the discussions that I have had lately and how my responses may be conceived to be borne out of stubbornness. Subsequently I contemplated the benefits and drawbacks of having a stubborn personality.

Stubbornness has a bad rap. The stereotype of a stubborn personality has garnered a false perception of negative characteristics that include the following: too much ego, unwillingness to be wrong, hot-tempered, self-centred, fearful of the unknown, controlling, overly competitive and defensive.

There are some major benefits of being stubborn.

· It is good to have a stubborn side so you can stick to your true values without allowing the opinions of others sway you. Just because you are able to resist the path of pleasing others does not mean you are self-centred.

· Stubborn people know what they want and have excellent decision-making abilities and quicker to the point than a passive personality. This may make the passive personality feel like a victim but that is the faulty choice of the passive. A person can choose whether or not to be controlled.

· Stubborn people will follow their heart with real determination, even when it may seem irrational to bystanders.

· Stubborn people have a mind of their own, which can be a valuable quality in life. They tend to chase their passions more wholeheartedly.

· Stubborn people are less likely to give in or give up on their dreams. They will persevere through the rough patches of life and keep moving forward.

· Stubborn people are more persistent and they try and push themselves to learn more and do better.

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