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Image by Nicolo Calegari

The Backyard Chicken Bible: The Complete Guide to Raising Chickens

Eric Lofgren

The Backyard Chicken Bible: The Complete Guide to Raising Chickens

Your Backyard is the New Farm!

Whether you want two chickens or two hundred, this manual will guide you along your journey to successfully raising chickens. Growing a backyard chicken flock is an investment, and one of the most important factors in cultivating a happy, healthy poultry society is taking the time to learn everything you can about your birds.

The Backyard Chicken Bible is filled with real-life solutions and expert advice on what to do in almost any scenario you may find yourself in while raising chickens. No matter if you're starting with eggs, chicks or adult birds, you'll find the guidance you need to succeed.

Inside you'll find:

• step-by-step processes for preparing your yard for chickens, caring for chicks when they arrive, maintaining the health and behavior of your flock, and addressing common issues
• illustrated explanations of the anatomy of a chicken
• detailed treatment advice for poultry diseases and ailments
• ideas for building coops and nest boxes
• step-by-step instructions for bathing, grooming, clipping wings, and trimming toe nails and beaks
• advice for common flock problems including hens that stop laying, aggressive roosters, and changing flock dynamics
Take the guesswork out of raising chickens, and start preparing yourself now to be the best chicken farmer in your neighborhood!

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