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Image by Nicolo Calegari

Practical Self-sufficiency: The complete guide to sustainable living

Dick Strawbridge and James Strawbridge

Practical Self-sufficiency: The complete guide to sustainable living

Introducing Practical Self-Sufficiency, your new go-to survival guide offering step-by-step instructions on all things environment-friendly, jam-packed with tips and tricks for off-grid living to anyone looking to embrace a life of sustainability. So what are you waiting for?

Dive straight in to discover:

-Detailed step-by-step guide covering diverse aspects of off-grid living
-Featuring fully-illustrated step-by-step project visually demonstrating how to achieve key aspects of sustainable living from start to finish.
-Encyclopaedic knowledge on a range of eco-friendly tasks such as brewing beer and making soap.
-Featuring full-page artworks showing how to tailor every environment for self-sufficient living

Feel like becoming a better version of yourself this New Year? Why not stand out from the crowd and challenge yourself to adopting a healthy eco-friendly lifestyle and unleash your endless potential!

Whether your goal is to become a green-fingered gardener or you're looking to lower your carbon footprint like never before, this all-encompassing horticulture book has something for everyone to love, with a diverse range of self-sufficiency skills to suit your individual needs and preferences. In fact, this perfect green gift features detailed advice for achieving a self-sufficient lifestyle no matter your outdoor space, and includes specific guides for getting the most out of urban gardens, allotments and much more!

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