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Image by Nicolo Calegari

Poultry Disease Manual

Michael A. Davis

Poultry Disease Manual

Disease may cause losses such as the death of birds, condemnation in the processing plant, medication costs. It can also cause less obvious losses like poor growth, poor feed conversion and downgrading.

This publication will teach you how to avoid diseases in your poultry flock including:
• Nature & cause of disease
• Sanitation practices for flock health
• Bacterial diseases (non-respiratory)
• Viral diseases (non-respiratory)
• Viral respiratory diseases
• Viral-like respiratory diseases
• Bacterial respiratory diseases
• Fungal respiratory diseases
• Protozoan diseases
• Internal parasitic diseases (non-protozoan)
• External parasitic diseases
• Nutritional & metabolic diseases
• Miscellaneous diseases
• Includes images of different diseases

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